Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today my dad and I went to the Saturday ride out of Wheel and Sprocket. The ride had a steady pace but when I tried to make a move Bubba's fat ass was in my way every time. The ride was hard because the wind would just push me around. There were two flats and DIHAF had one of them. There was one crash and no one was hurt but John Buran broke his water bottle cage. They fell on some mud under a bridge. After the ride we went to Big Apple Bagels and had lunch. The ride was fun and hope to see you at the ride tomorrow out of Russell's.
See Ya Later. . .

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Saturday Ride

At the ride there was a large group for one of the rides on the weekend. The ride was a hard one for me because the wind would just blow me around. The ride was still alot of fun and we had an average of about 17. While riding we saw a racoon and there were two flats which sucked becuase it made everyone even colder than they already were. When the ride was over COOOOOOOP didn't care what everyone saw and showed off his undies. After everyone changed they went to Big Apple Bagels and we went home because we had to go do some stuff before the party we had on Sunday.

See Ya Later. . . .

Sunday, December 03, 2006


On Saturday I went to BMX whith my sisters and my Grandparents. My grandparents took me because my dad had to go Christmas shoping with my mom. Well in crusier I got a first and in age I got a second because Obergon tried to put me into the wall and I was forced to slow down.

Today at BMX I got two thirds and my dad got a third also. In age I got a third because Obergon tried to take me down in every moto and he did in the final. In crusier I got a third because I had to race Bodie and Dallas who are both highly ranked in the nation. My dad got a third with pure skill and speed. See Ya Later. . .