Monday, October 30, 2006

On Saturday I went to the banquet and had some fun. While I were at the banquet I sat with my grandma and grandpa. After we ate my Dad, Maddie, and I all got our plaques. Soon after that my Mom, Maddie, and I all got our State Champion awards. Then we won some stuff in the raffle and got some T-shirts from Don. Then we went home and got there at about one in the morning. On Sunday I went to the the cross race at Washington Park. While I was there I got a second place to Myles. I got a piggy bank and some other schwag. Now all I have to do is go to the rest of the races and I'll try to win the State Championships. See ya Later. . .

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A picture of me at the start of the Camrock race

Monday, October 23, 2006

This weekend we went to Whitewater and Camrock for cyclocross races. At Whitewater the course was very muddy and slow. After the race my bike was full of mud and grass. When the results were final I got my schwag and had to leave to get to get to a birthday party for one of my friends. The party was at Olympic Lanes and was alot of fun to go bowling again.
On Sunday I went to Camrock and raced in the snow and cold weather. The Rusty Tool Shed came with my dad and I and raced in the 4's and he finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. After that I raced and couldn't feel my hands by the end of the race. The race was very cold and muddy. The results were final and I won again and for winning I got a bike pump. We stayed to watch Ron and Sammy race. Ron got 10th and Sam got 3rd. Good job to everyone who raced this weekend.

Monday, October 16, 2006

On Friday I went to the nite race and won some bling for the trophy case. Travis won, I got second, and Greg got third. The race was alot of fun and was run backwards. Props to Russ for putting on the great event.
On Sunday I went to Moe's Burrito Cross race in Lapham Peak. The course was in great condition. It was wet in one or two corners but other than that the course was very good. I won the race and got a pair of socks. The race was alot of fun and it was fun to go out there to race.
This weekend its a double header for cross. On Saturday it's in Whitewater and on Sunday it's Camrock. Hope to see you guys there!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Today at the race I was felling good and when we got to the course my dad noticed we didn't have mine or Maddie's shoes so we looked around and Megan and Jamie let us use their shoes. Thanks guys. Maddie got 2nd in her race and now she has 2nd overall. Today I heard GO from Don and I had a strong start. During the race I felt good and made it up "The Equalizer" both laps. As you may have guessed I won and got a 1st overall for the season. my mom ,Maddie and I are all state champs and my dad got a second overall for the WORS season. I gotta go to bed now. See Ya Later. . .

Monday, October 02, 2006

To start off the cross season we went up to Madison. At about 7 in the mornin' we went to get the Rusty Tool Shed and drove him up to the race. At 10 o' clock Russell started and finished somewhere in the middle. Then Adam,Ryan, and Me went off and had a Hayes sweep on the podiuem. I won the race by a couple of minutes and the Kays came in at second and third place after my race Ronsta went off and destroyed the pack on a single speed. Later in the day it got up to about 75 outside and thats when Pat raced in the masters race and got 16th place. after the race we went to The Festival of Meats and had some good food there. Later that night I was awoken by a flash of lightning and thunder. Well now I have to go and finish my homework. See Ya Later. . .