Tuesday, November 28, 2006


On Saturday I went to the barn for some BMX racing with my dad. When we got there we knew that there was going to be very few people because of Grands. As we figured there was few people there and only 30 motos. We saw Kenny and Josh there and they both raced. Josh missed both his mains and Kenny got a bad start in the main. My dad got a second and I got a 1st in cruiser and 2nd in age.

Yesterday I went to Russells house for the Packers game to watch them screw up. The Packers were doing good until the 3rd quarter. As many of you know they lost and oh I almost forgot they SUCK! See Ya Later. . .

Thursday, November 23, 2006


On Saturday I went over to Pat's house with my sister Maddie. We went over so I could stay over night and Maddie decided to stay over also. While we were at Pat's we wacthed a movie and Pat made a really good prerace dinner. When I woke up all the other kids were already up and running around. Then we had breakfast and we were out of the door to go and pick up The Tool. On the way I was feeling pretty good and I was just a little nervous. When we got there I registered, changed and waited. The Tool and Pat raced 4s and I had to do hand offs to Russ. They both did well. Then it was my turn to race, I looked at who I was going to be racing and I figured it was going to be an easy race. As the race started I was off the front with Marcie
(as usual) and the other kids were gone. As the race continued I felt better and better and I was a lot smother than I was at the start. When the race was over it felt good to know that I won and that I had won the overall for the series. Thanks to Pat for letting Maddie and I stay overnight and getting me to the race. See ya later. . . .

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yesterday I went to the cross race in Janesville and raced in the mud and snow real cross style. During the race I had good tires and I was able to come home with a 1st place. Myles was able to hang on for the 2nd place win and he has a shot at taking 2nd overall at the end of the year. After racing the cross race I went to the bmx track and raced age and cruiser. I was able to place 2nd in each of those races. I had a chance to win the age but bobbled and that opened the door for Ryley to get under me and he pinched me in turn 3 and I hit the brakes and he got by and I had to settle for 2nd. Lesson learned. My Dad took 2nd in his cruiser class. While at the bmx races Russell and Ron stopped by for some gates and racing.

Today we went back to the bmx track for a double points race. I took 2nd in cruiser again and took first in age class today. Lesson learned was that if I pedal into turn 1 and hold the low high I will win the race. I was able to manual the double out of turn 1 and then manual the double before turn 2 and that also helped me win the race. I got a nice trophy and a bunch of tokens. My dad took 4th today in cruiser. I had a good weekend of racing. See you at the practice on Thursday.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Yesterday I went to Estabrook Park for A cross race. Since my dad was up at the Iceman my mom had to take me to race. When we got to the race I got ready, warmed up and it was time to race. When the race started I got on a wheel and moved up a couple of spots. Then Myles came around and I got on his wheel. We both worked together until the finish. At the finish I spinted and he couldn't push it anymore. For my prize I got a box of Clif shot Bloks. Good job to everyone who raced!