Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today my dad and I went out to BMX in Walworth. It was a small turnout due to the snow and the Nationals in Tennessee. Today Kenny, My dad, and I all got on to Alpha Wings. Ron helped us get on. Thanks Ron. Well, anyways I got two seconds and my dad got a third. There is one kid in my age group who is supposed to be an expert but stays in intermediate. That's OK because we are trying to keep my wins down for nationals this summer and he won't get any points or team points they will even take away all of his points. Thanks Again Ron.
See Ya Later. . .

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Season, New Team

Maddie and I were offered a position on the SRAM team with Goat and Rachel. We accepted the offer and are on the team. We went over because the Hayes team doesn't have a junior team anymore and the SRAM team is focusing mainly on juniors.

The past couple of weeks we have been going to BMX on Thursday and on the weekend. I have been geting mostly seconds and thirds in the races on the weekend. In my age I have been fighting for first and have been going down. Last weekend we went to the Swap meet in Madison and I got some shoes. Ray got all the stuff he needed for his BMX bike he built up. We also finished the Felt cruiser that we needed a fork for. We found a fork at the BMX races the next day. The fork is a nice carbon Bombshell. This week we had a short week at school and didn't have school on Thursday or Friday. Since we didn't have school my dad took off and we went sledding at the park. After that we went to the BMX practice and got some pointers from Ron. Thanks Ron for the help.

See Ya Later. . .

Sunday, January 07, 2007

On Thursday my dad and I went to the night ride. It all was going good until my derailleur got ripped off by some stick that reached out and pulled it off. Then I had to finish the ride on a single speed. When I was riding the chain kept titting up and making it harder to ride. The ride was alot of fun. On Saturday we went out to Pets and rode the trails there. In about the first mile Chris went down hard and might have broken some ribs. Then a couple miles later my dad got a flat after a creek crossing and had to go back to the car. While he was changing the flat we did some fun trails by the creek. The ride was long and I think that tody it hurt me a little bit while at BMX. Today at BMX I had a hard cruiser because I had to race 13 cruiser and not 12. Even though I had a hard cruiser I made it in and took a fourth in the main. On my 20 I made it to the main and got a third.

See Ya Later. . .