Thursday, November 23, 2006


On Saturday I went over to Pat's house with my sister Maddie. We went over so I could stay over night and Maddie decided to stay over also. While we were at Pat's we wacthed a movie and Pat made a really good prerace dinner. When I woke up all the other kids were already up and running around. Then we had breakfast and we were out of the door to go and pick up The Tool. On the way I was feeling pretty good and I was just a little nervous. When we got there I registered, changed and waited. The Tool and Pat raced 4s and I had to do hand offs to Russ. They both did well. Then it was my turn to race, I looked at who I was going to be racing and I figured it was going to be an easy race. As the race started I was off the front with Marcie
(as usual) and the other kids were gone. As the race continued I felt better and better and I was a lot smother than I was at the start. When the race was over it felt good to know that I won and that I had won the overall for the series. Thanks to Pat for letting Maddie and I stay overnight and getting me to the race. See ya later. . . .

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