Sunday, January 07, 2007

On Thursday my dad and I went to the night ride. It all was going good until my derailleur got ripped off by some stick that reached out and pulled it off. Then I had to finish the ride on a single speed. When I was riding the chain kept titting up and making it harder to ride. The ride was alot of fun. On Saturday we went out to Pets and rode the trails there. In about the first mile Chris went down hard and might have broken some ribs. Then a couple miles later my dad got a flat after a creek crossing and had to go back to the car. While he was changing the flat we did some fun trails by the creek. The ride was long and I think that tody it hurt me a little bit while at BMX. Today at BMX I had a hard cruiser because I had to race 13 cruiser and not 12. Even though I had a hard cruiser I made it in and took a fourth in the main. On my 20 I made it to the main and got a third.

See Ya Later. . .

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