Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well been a while but I should probably update. Last weekend we drove out to the WCA road race on Saturday and later we went to do some trail work. To stat of the morning we had to get to the road race by 7:30a.m. and get ready to race. When the race started Team Mars got on every ones wheel and just sat. On the last hill I told Mitch and Gage to go. When they went I blocked and didn't let anyone past for about 50ft. Mitch pulled Gage up the last strech and Gage came past to get the win. Then later at trail work we found some pretty cool stuff. Then after the trail work we went for a nice mountain bike ride with Bubba on his trails. On Sunday Maddie and I went on a school trip up to Eagle River and got back yesterday. Today I was surfing the net and found
Funny Videos


mitchell said...

ive seen that one the internet of the funniest videos ever...cant wait until whitnal

bikerboy said...

yeah, me neither see ya there and at kenosha