Monday, October 23, 2006

This weekend we went to Whitewater and Camrock for cyclocross races. At Whitewater the course was very muddy and slow. After the race my bike was full of mud and grass. When the results were final I got my schwag and had to leave to get to get to a birthday party for one of my friends. The party was at Olympic Lanes and was alot of fun to go bowling again.
On Sunday I went to Camrock and raced in the snow and cold weather. The Rusty Tool Shed came with my dad and I and raced in the 4's and he finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. After that I raced and couldn't feel my hands by the end of the race. The race was very cold and muddy. The results were final and I won again and for winning I got a bike pump. We stayed to watch Ron and Sammy race. Ron got 10th and Sam got 3rd. Good job to everyone who raced this weekend.

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Sarah Lukas said...

hey nice races this weekend! I got a picture of you chasing behind me