Monday, June 04, 2007

Saturday headed up to to 9 mile for the Wors race. When we got to the hotel my dad won a raffle to get a free upgrade to a suite with a Whirlpool bathtub. When we got back from swimming in the pool I got in the bathtub and sat in there for awhile and watched T.V. On Sunday went over to the race and got started. My grandparents drove up to the race and watched us race. At the start I got up in the second row. When the race started I got on a wheel and sat for about half the road but the pace was too high so I fell off and got on a slower wheel. At the start of the 2nd lap it started to rain really hard. Then Danny came past on the road so I got on his wheel and stayed with him for a while. When I finished I was cold and muddy. So I went to the car while my dad washed off my bike. After we got the awards for Maddie who got 2nd, my Mom who got 3rd, myself, I got 2nd, and my Dad who got 3rd we went to the Favoli's in town. We had unlimited bread sticks and some good food. Overall we all had a REALLY good weekend.

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