Friday, June 29, 2007

Well its been awhile and there is a lot to write about. At BMX Nationals down in Rockford we camped which was a lot of fun. But, on Thursday I got a 1st, Friday I got a first, Saturday I got a 5th because I had to unclip because two kids crashed behind me and hit my back wheel. And on Sunday I got a 1st and came home with a big trophy. On all the other days at night we had a campfire and did other stuff to that sort. Last weekend My mom and I drove to Whitewater for a time trial that was like 12.5 miles long and very windy. The next day drove back out to Whitewater and did a crit. that was a little loop around the park. In that Gage and Mitch were there to help me get a 1st so I could have a better chance at winning the omnium. Sunday drove back out to Whitewater AGAIN for a road race. The lap was a lot of fun and would have been more fun if we wouldn't have caught the 15-18 year olds on our first lap around the third turn. We rode past them and the official following us started to yell at us. Then the 15-18 year olds passed us and slowed back down again. So we passed them again and the official yelled at us again. And right before the last hill on our second lap the official said that we were going to let the 15-18 year olds past and we picked up the pace and we finished before they passed us. Mitch ended up getting 1st, a kid from Michigan got 2nd, and I got 3rd which was enough to get me the omnium. I got a Bontrager pump. Tomorrow I'm going to do a road race and head up the Eue Claire and have a happy 4th of July!

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