Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yesterday went to States for road and we had knew what the course was because we had ridden it before. At the start we had to go up the hill and at the top we had to wait for some of the other riders so we got a little break there. After the start we kept it pretty steady except for when another kid from on another team came up and took a pull it went down to about 10mph. On the last hill Mitch attacked from the bottom and no one else went so Mitch got an easy win. Then Gage, Evan, and I went but on the last 50 yards I died and Gage and Evan got me at the line. So Gage got 2nd overall and 2nd in age, Evan got first in 10-12 and 3rd overall, and I got 3rd in age and 4th overall. Today went to the time trial and did that but we didn't stay long enough to see how I did.
So more to come on that later

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mitchell said...

dude i looked at the TT results and you got second to Caleb Brow. tough break but we'll have to make sure your getting hight finishes the rest of the year. good luck at bmx nats.